Required reading: redux

Mycanae and Miami – by Gabe of Negative Dunkalectics

Achilles’ weakness was his heel – his flaw was his pride. Lebron’s weakness, is, famously, his love for his erratic jump shot…

Is God Responsible for LeBron Not Having a Ring? – by Josh Tinley

This week, LeBron James did something that athletes rarely do: He invoked God’s will to explain a loss.

Pickup Diaries Addendum: Pickup Player Types – by Basketbawful

An excellent overview of the 65 basic categories of dudes you will run into playing pickup basketball more or less anywhere from one of the best weirdo bball blogs around. Proof they’ve played plenty of pickup ball:

Pickup ballers don’t want advice. They really don’t.

Three Man Weave – by Chuck Klosterman of Grantland

As I ended my conversation with Webster, I thanked him for talking and reiterated how this game — this random, unremembered juco shootout from 1988 — will always be the greatest sporting event I ever witnessed. Nothing has ever come close, before or since.

I could tell he was flattered. But he was not surprised.

Bonus video!:

Stockton to Malone

Now more than ever.


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