Hoops I Did It Again’s 2011 Playoff Predictions: Part 1

Here at Hoops I Did It Again, we are more than a team of writers – we are a larger community of spirited sports fans searching for the true meaning of the game of basketball. Thus, we bring to you our first annual Hoops I Did It Again playoff matrix – as selected by said group of spirited sports fans and my always-entertaining girlfriend Danielle.

We certainly haven’t revealed any great truths about the game yet. And we may never. But like a beautiful flower or a winning lottery ticket, we must first plant the seeds of truth, then wait for them to bloom. In our case, the seed we have sown is a 11×9 Microsoft Word table interspersed with random NBA team logos and numbers from 4 and 7.

I’m watching the Knicks game right now, but I have plenty more to say. As soon as my heart has been thoroughly shattered again by the smooth hands of Ray Allen, I would love to comment on this further. Until then, enjoy the game! (As I write this, Amar’e and Billups are now both out with injuries. Clyde just said, “These are the times that try men’s souls.”)

(Update: Yeah. It’s 11:32 now, and the game ended about an hour and a half ago. Predictably heartbreaking, but unexpectedly sweet – seeing a lineup of Roger Mason Jr., Jared Jeffries, Shawne Williams, Toney Douglas, and Carmelo Anthony on the floor for the entire fourth and almost win… Yeah. This game had all the moments you look for as a fan, all the moments you crave, except for the final score – a detail which remains unnervingly irrelevant to me tonight. As I prepare to go to bed, I am at a sleepy and content loss for words. I’ll post the second round predictions tomorrow!)


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