Space Jam by the Numbers, Why the NBA is Better, and Six Degrees of Kevin Martin

1. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective is taking on the incredible task of breaking down the absurd box scores of fictional basketball games. One blog entry is entitled “An Advanced Statistical Analysis of Jimmy Chitwood’s Basketball Performance in Hoosiers.”

In another segment, they break down Space Jam’s dramatic climax – the Looney Tunes-Monstars game.

Such analytical gems include:

“No rebounds were recorded in the game by either team, a testament to the high levels of offensive efficiency on both sides.”


“Jordan’s usage rate is 44 percent, meaning he used 44 percent of his team’s possessions. For comparison’s sake, the NBA single-season record is Kobe’s 39 percent in 2006.”

2. In other news: with Madness upon us, Bethlehem Shoals steps away from Free Darko to offer his stance on the NCAA vs. NBA debate in a well-written article for The Atlantic.

3. Oh, and back to Harvard. I keep looking through their blog, and it’s seriously incredible. One of the members of the Collective created a website that will outline the degrees of separation between any two NBA players, past or present, from 1949-2010. Here, you try. Feel free to post any connections you find interesting, funny, awkward.


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